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001. How can I change the colour/format of my fanfiction?

002. How can I correct a misplaced chapter?

003. Some pieces of advices to authors

004. How can I post my fanfiction?

005. Can I have my fanfiction proof-read?

006. What is a Beta Reader?

007. How can I become a Beta Reader?

008. How to make an interactive story?

009. How can I post an interactive story?

010. How to put images in a fanfiction?

011. What do the ratings mean?

012. How many words are necessary in a chapter?

013. How can I count the number of words in my chapter?


How can I post my fanfiction?


After signing up for your member account, you have to connect and in the section "Fanfictions/Challenges" of your account, there are 3 possibilities:  

- Add a new story  

- Add a new chapter  

- Modify a story or a chapter  


Fill in the corresponding form and you're done.  


Post your chapters in order. The numerotation of the chapters is automatic.  

If your story is complete, change its status form "To be continued" to "Completed" in the section "Modify a story or a chapter".  








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