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Série: City Hunter

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Farewell my friend


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Publiée: 05-03-10

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Disclaimer: A young woman stood motionless before the lifeless body of a man, A young woman stood motionless in front of the lifeless body of a man, tears flowing down her cheeks. He died while trying to save her, why had he done this ? Flashback In a building in Shinjuku, a morning like many. - Ryoooooooooo wake up ! - Let me sleep ! Kaori wasn’t in the mood to use her mace this morning, she was in a too good mood today to knock her partner out , so when she opened the Ryo’s bedroom door and saw that he was still in bed, she rushed into the room and jumped on the bed while bouncing on the mattress like a child, she began to scream. - Wake up Ryo, it's time for you to get up. Ryo turned abruptly which destabilized Kaori who found herself lying on her partner. She was lying full length on the muscular body of Ryo who did not move. She blushed when she realized the position she was in. Very quickly she got up and jumped out of the bed and said. - Now that you're awake, you only have to get up. The breakfast is ready. And Kaori left the room allowing time for Ryo to dress. When he had finished preparing himself he came down to join her in the kitchen. - Here Ryo. said Kaori, handing him a cup of coffee. - Thanks, but what got you in such a good mood this morning. - You forgot ? We have an appointment for work at the Cat's at 10 o’clock. So in ... What twenty minutes, this isn’t true, we'll be late. Ryo hurry up ! Kaori moved her partner which was definitely not a morning person. They went to the cafe, but an hour after their arrival they had still not heard from the client. After two hours they realized that the client would not come anymore. They were about leave when Saeko made her entrance. - Ryo I was just looking for you. - Saeko whatever you ask it’s no. said Kaori. - Kaori I really need Ryo for this case. I ... - Well you'll manage without him for once. Our bank account is in the red then unless we are paid, we will not accept any case from you nor from anyone. Kaori saw Saeko make a gesture she never believe possible to see from the young woman. Indeed, The Lieutenant Nogami had just fished a wad of notes out of her purse and handed it to Kaori. - Take it, this is an advance. Saeko must have really need that Ryo accepts the mission to pay them. Kaori didn’t take the money but seeked Saeko out. - Tell us about this mission, then I'd say whether we agree to work for you or not. - Well now, there is a new drug dealer in the city. He has created an extremely powerful and harmful drug. It has already done much damage ten young people have already died while taking it, that’s without mentioning the dozens of others who are hospitalised in a serious or critical condition. - But it's horrible. exclaimed Kaori. - Yes and my sources told me that a new shipment was scheduled for tonight on the docks. - And your agents can’t intervene? - They will be there but some help from Ryo will not be too much, the trader in question is called Snake. - Him ? wondered Ryo. - You know him? asked Kaori - It's an arms dealer I managed to dismantle all its network one year ago but he managed to escape. But from what I can see he recycled himself into another kind of traffic. - And why I’m not aware of this case, annoyed Kaori. I know, this is another of those secret missions for which you've certainly not be paid. I thought we were not hiding anything from ourselves anymore Ryo, but as I can see you do as YOU see fit. Yet I am your partner well that’s what I was thinking. And I'm sure that you'll accept this mission even if I don’t want to, because you don’t give a damn about what I think. You don’t give a damn about me or what I feel. The only thing I am for you is your servant. Then accept this mission if you wish so and good luck. And on this long tirade that left her friends silent she left the cafe. - I think that this time, you really hurt her Ryo, said Miki who was the first from all to find her usage of speech again. You should go see her and apologize to her. Ryo was really struck by the words of his partner, she really believed what she said. She thought she was nothing for him? But if he did not involved her in this mission, it was precisely because he needed her too much and that he didn’t want her to risk her life. - Miki is right Ryo, says Saeko in turn. You should go talk to her. And if you refuse the mission I would understand. - Kaori said that only on the heat of anger. But don’t worry I accept this mission because I know that Kaori will accept it too. Come to my apartment in two hours to tell me the details of this mission, I think by then I will have managed to calm her. And he returned to the apartment. Through the door he heard the sobs of his angel. Why was it that he always makes her cry. He had no other option to be forgiven even if for it to happen he would have to unveil some of his feelings. In a sense it did not bother him too much, as it had become increasingly difficult to hide his feelings for his partner. But when he opened the door the show he had before his eyes did not please him at all. Indeed, Kaori was weeping snuggled into Mick arms and him he was whispering sweet words to soothe her. Ryo good intentions fell like a soufflé and his voice sharp he said. - Could you tell me what you are doing here Mick Angel! Mick saw that his presence didn’t go well with his friend and he knew why. But he had left him his chance and as he had still not declared his feelings to her it was his turn now to try to seduce Kaori. Nothing was stopping him now since Kazue had left him. He had the misfortune a night to pronounce the name of Kaori instead of Kazue‘s, then the young woman had realized that despite what he said, he still always loved the sweeper. Not wanting to be a substitution for Kaori she chose to leave him. But neither had said the real reason for their separation to their friends. - Can’t you see that I was trying to console Kaori, what did you do to her again Ryo ? you're a moron. - Let her go, I have to speak with her. - You want to talk to him, Kaori? - No. - You heard Ryo! So let us and go enjoy yourself as you always do. I am sure that your Miss Mokkori are waiting only for you. - I‘m still in my own home here so I‘ll do as I please. And it’s not you the Yank who will tell me what to do my own house. And to prove it he sat on the sofa next to Mick and Kaori, he turned on the television and began to leaf through one of his magazines. The arrival of Ryo had stopped her tears and Kaori decided to go up into her bedroom, not supporting the close presence of her partner yet. She climbed to the floor above leaving the two men alone in the living room. As soon as her bedroom door closed behind his angel Ryo turned towards Mick and said in an irritated tone. - Can you tell me what you’re playing at ! - But I don’t play at anything. I have never been more serious than today. - And your behaviour with Kaori, you explain it how ? A little more and I found the both of you lying on the sofa. - So what ? We're both free and unattached. Moreover, I do not see why all this concern you this is not your business. - Not my business! It’s not because your woman left you that you can touched mine. - And since when Kaori is your woman ? You're not together from what I know. I thought that for you, she was a tomboy, a transvestite. - You know that she is everything to me. Driven by jealousy Ryo had just confessed with half words to Mick that he really cared for Kaori. And Mick knew that there was an unbreakable bond between this two persons. But he had more than enough of how Ryo was acting with the young woman. He had enough of seeing Ryo spend his time putting her down. Kaori needed to be loved and if this idiot does not declare himself well, Mick would do it, and maybe Kaori tired of her partner's behaviour would accept his love. So, he launched an ultimatum to Ryo. - I'll leave you another week, if by then you do not tell Kaori what you feel for her I will ask her to date me. And believe me she's likely to accept. At these words Ryo was speechless. Mick took the opportunity to take his leave from the sweeper, but before leaving the apartment he repeated to his friend to be sure it was well understood. - One week, Ryo ! The sweeper realized he had not many solutions. But first, he needed to speak to Kaori. So he went to join her in her room, once upstairs, he knocked on her door. - Kaori - Leave me alone Ryo. But the sweeper had already opened the door and entered the bedroom of his angel. He knew she kept herself from crying. So he took upon himself and for once spoke with his heart. - Kaori forgive me, I know I should never have put you away from this mission with Snake but if I did not tell you a thing it was because I didn’t want you to come with me because ... - You didn’t want me with you because I am a burden to you. - Don’t say what I didn’t say. If I didn’t want you by my side it was because I was afraid. - You, afraid? - Yes, I was afraid of not being able to protect you. I made a promise to Hide to ... - Forget this promise, I am your partner Ryo, so why do you always act as if I am a fragile creature, as if I am unable to fight at your side. City Hunter is a team, you and me, so why are you always trying to put me away from some of your missions. Ryo told himself that he had to put all his cards on the table, he didn’t want to retain himself one more time, he had to finally confess his feelings for her. Then he took a deep breath and told her. - Kaori, I ...


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