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Author: Lifetree

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Published: 05-09-04

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Summary: Histoire original sur laquelle est basée ma fanfic "Ta Vie m'appartient". Voici l'histoire expliquant la création des Travellers, les origines de Sara, et ainsi de suite... (Merci à NJ pour la permission de la majer ici vu que normalement elle a sa place sur WFC et non HFC. Merci beaucoup NJ ! )


Disclaimer: Les personnages de "The Traveller" sont la propriété exclusive de Lifetree. Une ressemblance à une personne vivante ou ayant vécue est une coïncidence.


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   Fanfiction :: The Traveller


Chapter 5 :: The Temple of Amor (part 2)

Published: 06-10-04 - Last update: 06-10-04

Comments: En espérant que vous aimez toujours !!! Merci à ma beta Clo !!!


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The Temple of Amor (part 2)  


The acolytes were a funny melting pot of individuals that quickly accepted me and did all they could to make me feel welcome. For the first time I noticed that social rank was deliberately put aside and that everyone was simply considered as part of one’s family, brother, sister, cousin, uncle or aunt. I easily got used to it. To my surprise the lessons was shared by anyone who cared to sit in and listen, but one was always heavily attended at the insistence of the priests and that was sexual education. I came to understand that although it was the primary philosophy of their, our, God it didn’t only extend to the act but also anything related to it, childbirth control, safe sex as well as the ways to enhance the pleasure. I had expected the third one but not the first two and I marvelled how ‘modern’ they were compared to our society where it had only become common practise in the last two decades.  


During my year as acolyte I lost what body shyness I had left. The slave pens had already shattered a lot of it but my lessons with the priests of Amor took care of what was left. I had become aware of my body, proud of it and no longer afraid to show it to all to see. Of course the fact I had lost all excessive weight and that now it was nicely muscled helped too. But despite the frequent physical contact required from my lessons I refused all companionship, male and female. This surprised my friends and some of my teachers but they respected my choice, even defending me against some men staying overnight at the farm.  


Their mercenary group had arrived at the request of another Temple a day’s ride away. However since they had neither the place nor the lodging for such a big group, they had requested permission to house them with us for a day until they began their escort duties. Having more than enough room on the farm, Lucius accepted. Almost all of the mercenaries were veterans and had had previous encounters with the Temple of Amor. But not so for two young men who had recently joined the group. It was immediately clear that they had the same ideas and prejudices as I had when I had first joined the Temple. They had approached me during the afternoon, their intention all to clear now that I had some experience. I politely encouraged them to seek company elsewhere and then absented myself on the other side of the farm.  


When evening fell and all the mercenaries where around their common fires, I thought it safe to come back to the main building for my supper. On the way back I had taken a quick swim in the pond not far from the main building meaning my tunic clung to my body. I was in the herb garden gathering some herbs for an evening tea when they crept up behind me. At first their footsteps didn’t alarm me, as I knew this was the new favourite playground of some of the children. I became alert when I noticed that their footsteps where rather heavy for six year olds. So I swirled around, only to find myself staring into the faces of the two mercenaries. The evil grin on their faces did nothing to reassure me, but they were guests in our Temple and still had to be respected as such. I greeted them politely but coolly and made the mistake of asking how I could help them. One of them grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to him while saying I could help him warm his blankets. I flatly refused of course but this time they weren’t about to let me go that easily. While the one who had my wrist increased his pressure until a tear appeared in my eye, the other came up behind me and held me against his chest while his hands cupped my breasts.  


Here I panicked for deep down I knew I couldn’t handle them by myself, they were professionals after all. Raising my voice until I screamed, I yelled at them to release me but of course they didn’t listen. Luckily for me help arrived before real harm was done. However the two men had had the time to rip my clothes off and paw me all over being less than gentle in the process. Help arrived in the guise of Lucius, another priest and a couple of other mercenaries. The fighters quickly jumped on the two would-be-rapists and hauled them off while the two priests gave me a quick look-over before helping me to the nearest empty room.  


I knew I could trust them, but the recent events had had their impact on me and I recoiled from their touch. They were wise enough to leave me alone and to send one of the women to treat my scrapes, bruises and wounds. While tending to me she explained that the children had heard my screams and had gone for help. Although she had finished her treatment, she stayed with me and talked to me all night long. I didn’t mind as I was in no mood to go to sleep. Just as she was tiring, she was replaced by one of the other female acolyte who took up the monologue and who was in turn replaced by another woman. All night long they talked to me about their own experience with men and their unwanted attentions. But each story told to me was countered by several other stories depicting the good side of men and how they could be wonderful companions and fathers.  


When morning broke I felt somewhat better and was relieved to hear that the mercenaries had left, taking the culprits with them for judgement. With great reluctance, I left the room and joined the others for breakfast. When I entered the room the others quickly rearranged themselves, leaving me a seat between two of the other girls and a girl in front of me. My lessons were also rearranged so that my teachers were all women. A month long everybody went out of his or her way to accommodate me but in the end I came round by myself. I just couldn’t stand to see everybody give themselves so much trouble for me. Besides I missed the late evening conversations I had with my friends, female and male. So one evening I hesitantly entered our lounging room where they all greeted me with a smile. As the evening progressed and none of the guys made a move in my direction, I relaxed and slowly began to enjoy myself once more. Afterwards I had less and less trouble to reintegrate my lessons and duties, although I was no longer as open and friendly towards men as before.  


The Trials for Priesthood were approaching fast and my case became a source of argument amongst the priests. Should I be allowed to take part of it or not? For several days they argued but finally I was given the choice. I had recovered from the attack but still felt uncomfortable amongst male strangers. I took my time to give my answer, to the great approval of the priests, but finally I decided to take part.  


We travelled a whole week to the city where the Trials were being held for our district. It was the first time I saw a city this big and I was eager to discover everything but there was no time, the Trials were scheduled for the next day meaning I had to purify myself tonight and fast until the end of the Trial. I was still determined to take part and so followed the other acolytes to the baths made ready for us. Thereafter I spent the night thinking and meditating in the outer Temple.  


The following morning I felt ready and refreshed even though I hadn’t slept. In the centre courtyard of the Temple were all the priests of Amor of the district, about fifty men and women, as well as important guests and fellow priests of the pantheon. The district High Priest explained to us acolytes how the day would proceed before we were herded into a building where half of us took part in the written exam, a theological problem were we had to defend our point of view, while the other half took the practical exam. I had no problem arguing my way through the written part and scored high, however the practical part of the afternoon really scared me.  


By chance or scheming from the priests my examiner happened to be a kind elderly man that resemble my attackers in no way and that was in no way threatening. I never knew if he had been told of my near-rape but he was patient with me, even helping me by pointing out some small moves to enhance this or that effect. I was a bundle of nerves and sweat when I left the exam room, knowing I could have done a lot better, but also knowing I could certainly have done worse!  


By late afternoon I was back in the central courtyard where I rejoined my friends. Enjoying the last rays of the sun, they were talking about the different exercises they had had and arguing their point of view on the written part, I was however not in the mood to talk so I just sat there and listened. The sun was about to set behind the hills when the priests came out of the main Temple, preceded by torchbearers and musicians. Quickly silence fell on the yard while everyone waited impatiently to hear if they had passed or not. Like my friends I was relieved when I heard my named called and it was with great difficulty I held my cry of joy back. As the High Priest finished his list servants entered the courtyard with trays of food and drink, allowing us to break our fast and to celebrate with our families who were now allowed access to the premises.  


As I no longer had a family I felt alone all the sudden and I chose to leave the feast early. However I had drunken more wine than I was used to and I had trouble walking straight. Doing the best I could I thought I had found the stairs leading to the room that had been assigned to me and climbed them, not noticing they were broader and larger than normal. By the time I came to the landing I was nearly asleep due to the wine that had not been watered, the sleepless night of the day before and all the bunched up nerves of the day. I kept walking as long as I could until I figured I was close enough to my room that someone would help me to bed later on in the night, so I collapsed right where I was into a well deserved and very deep sleep.  


My dreams that night were an indescribable memory of erotic sensations and feelings, of wild fantasies and unsatisfied passions. The lust provoked by my dreams woke me up in the middle of the night, moaning, yearning, lusting as my body screamed for physical contact to relieve the pressure. Where I was when I woke up didn’t register in my mind. The only thing I could focus on was the gorgeous naked man kneeling next to me, a satisfied, and smug, smile on his face, his eyes capturing mine and not letting them go again. Not once I wondered who he was, all I knew was that I needed him just then so I smiled back and invited him to join me with my kiss. I had thought my body had reached all the feelings and sensations it could ever reach, but when his lips joined mine my body exploded. A warmth I had never felt or experienced spread itself in my loins engulfing my entire body in a warm feeling that would have made a volcano pale of jealousy.  


Although I was no longer myself the man was gentle and took the precautions I would have taken had I had all my senses. His hands caressing my body were like a volcano trailing burning hot lava behind it. My skin was on fire and so hot I would have ripped it open just so I could breathe. Feeling his hands on my skin made me ill of desire to feel him, to know him, to be him and so I began to explore as well, marvelling at the silkiness of his skin, at his muscled back, at his firm buttock. As the man’s lips continued to explore my body, it was no longer a volcano that would turn pale, but the Sun itself!! I was boiling inside as well as outside. Had he not taken action at that moment, I would have assaulted him in the same way a tiger leaps on its prey. Finally the sensations became so intense I thought I would faint but I never got the opportunity. The pain of our joining was brief and was immediately washed out by the explosion of pure intense pleasure coursing through me as I quickly reached my peak and cried out while inside me he did the same. Gently he disengaged himself and collapsed next to me, trying hard to catch his breath. As I was trying to catch mine I marvelled at everything I had felt and savoured the feelings. I was lying on my side, analysing and enjoying, when a light finger gently ran down my back, sending once again shivers of pleasure through me. I turned around and got caught in a gentle embrace by my partner as he kissed me. A moment ago I had felt so exhausted that I had been ready to fall asleep but his touch rekindled the fire in me and I gladly shoved my sleep aside as I kissed him back.  


The following morning I woke alone, a fresh rosebud blossom lay next to me. I smiled as I recalled the night I had just spent and stood up. I was stretching sore muscles when I froze. In front of me was the statue of Amor. Startled I looked around and with shock realized I had slept in the inner sanctuary of the Temple. Guilty, I hurried away praying for forgiveness for the transgression. I was startled when I felt an amused chuckle resonate in my mind. Startled I looked around. I was alone. Uneasily I finally dismissed what I had heard as after-effects of the wine I drank the day before. Slowly I crept out of the Temple, hoping no one would see me and ask what I was doing there when the first service was hours away. From there I stumbled as quietly as possible to my room and crawled into bed. But I was so tired that I didn’t notice I had entered the wrong room and had crept with someone else in bed. Someone, that happened to be a guy, took me in his arm and cuddled me to his chest; even though he was still deep in his dreams. Too tired to remember my dislike for their kind, I arranged myself comfortably and promptly fell asleep. Hours later I woke to the gentle caresses of a hand on my back that awoke anew the flames that had burned in me the night before. Sighting in contentment I snuggled closer to my partner who took that as a sign of encouragement to explore further. Hunger drove the two of us to finally entangle ourselves from each other to seek nourishment.  


After the Trials it was tradition that another group of priests took the duties of completing the new priest’s education. I was lucky to be assigned to the Temple where the Trials had taken place and I hoped to be able to explore the city somewhat in my spare time. However I never thought I would be so busy that I would forget what ‘spare time’ meant. Not only was I expected to attend every ceremony held in the Temple, I also had cleaning duties and charity work to do and I somehow had to combine all that with my studies. I had thought I had known everything there was to know. It was only once I started acting as a priest that I discovered how little I really knew.  


The biggest part of my studies was taken up by the secret teachings, knowledge only the priests knew and that was only taught to fellow priests of Amor. I was sceptic when I heard them talk of their ‘magic’, I thought were going to be taught some tricks that would look great to the audience but be nothing more than skilled finger work. I wasn’t the only one if I read the faces of the others correctly. But then I experienced some of the ‘magic’ my teacher performed for us. Within seconds the entire class was crying, tears streaming down our cheeks. The next moment we were laughing so loud our sides were hurting. Then we were all angry, shouting, and ready to hit one another. Suddenly whatever had happened stopped. We looked at each other, surprised, lost, looking if anyone knew what had happened. The priest began telling us about the power of emotions and how the priests of Amor were taught how to control them, but more importantly to shield themselves for them. From my memories I remembered reading about some research that had been done on human psychic powers, and I recalled that one power that was thought we possessed was “empathy” or the power to feel and control emotions.  


Several years had gone by before I mastered my empathic powers. I had been so busy learning and working that I was startled when I realized that my twenty-fifth birthday had come and gone. Seven years! Seven years had gone by since the day I had awoken in the slave pens somewhere in Gaul. Seven years and I still hadn’t begun looking for a way home. Home!? “Where was I home?” I wondered looking around at my possessions, gifts received from friends and people I had helped and the two pillows that now throned on my once lonely bed. I went to the window and looked at the Temple grounds, acolytes running to their classes, priests sitting in the sun, discussing philosophy or arguing about something. I tried to remember my previous life but the only thing I could really remember was the school and the table I did my homework on. Not what one would consider a life! The only people I really missed were my parents but even if I returned to my world, I someday would have to leave them.  


It pained my heart but that day I decided I wouldn’t return ‘home’. This world was now my world. The Temple was now my home. My friends were now my family.  


Finally, I completed my studies. I was twenty-eight and eager to take up my duties as a priest of Amor. Like my friends I had no idea where I was being sent to, but the idea alone that I would see new people and places excited me. I was surprised when I heard I would go to a newly conquered area and be the only priest there. In fact I would have to build the Temple and I would have to convince the locals to allow me to do my work. Understandly they were not eager to abandon their gods even though they had been conquered. I was told that the Pantheon had asked for a priest of Amor as we weren’t part of the major cults of the Empire. It was hoped that us being a minor cult the locals would not resent me and cause trouble. The explanation hadn’t reassured me but I was ready for the challenge.  



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