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Author: Lifetree

Beta-reader(s): CHANLYR

Status: Completed

Series: Style Hojo


Total: 7 chapters

Published: 05-09-04

Last update: 12-03-05


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Summary: Histoire original sur laquelle est basée ma fanfic "Ta Vie m'appartient". Voici l'histoire expliquant la création des Travellers, les origines de Sara, et ainsi de suite... (Merci à NJ pour la permission de la majer ici vu que normalement elle a sa place sur WFC et non HFC. Merci beaucoup NJ ! )


Disclaimer: Les personnages de "The Traveller" sont la propriété exclusive de Lifetree. Une ressemblance à une personne vivante ou ayant vécue est une coïncidence.


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   Fanfiction :: The Traveller


Chapter 1 :: Prologue

Published: 05-09-04 - Last update: 05-09-04

Comments: Encore une fois je tiens à remercier NJ pour sa permission de majer ici. Sinon je tiens à préciser que si vous allez lire cette histoire, c'est parce que deux personnes m'ont énormément encouragée à le faire, donc si vous voulez remercier quelqu'un pour cette histoire remerciez d'abord Joyce et Kaori-H car sans elles cette histoire serait resté enfoui à jamais sur mon pc. Merci à toutes les deux pour vos encouragements !! Ce que vous allez lire est la première histoire que j'ai écrite et ce bien avant que je ne découvre HFC et me mette aux fanfics, aussi je la considère comme mon plus précieux bébé. Alors soyez gentils et ne lui faite pas mal car bien que j'ai énormément confiance en mes fics sur CH ou CE, je suis aussi nerveuse que quelqu'un qui maje pour la première fois pour cette fic-or. J'aimerais dire "Laissez moi uniquement des commentaires positives s'il vous plait" car je ne supporterais pas une critique pour cette fic là tant elle me tient à coeur, mais je sais que c'est pas mon droit, aussi je demanderais de rester gentils dans vos critiques et commentaires. Merci beaucoup. J'espère que ça va vous plaire malgré le fait que ce ne soit pas CH. Bonne lecture. (PS: pour ceux qui ne maîtrise pas bien l'anglais, une traduction en français ne devrait pas tarder). Life.


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Once, I was like you. I got up in the morning, went to school, did my homework afterwards until it was time to go to sleep. Everyday the same routine, day after day after day and I never found it unusual, I never dreamt of anything else. My school life had been the same since it began in pre-school and once I graduate, my work life will probably be the same until I retire. Nothing unusual, nothing exotic, I would be the perfect model citizen.  


Then everything changed.  


I had just graduated from high school, I had my diploma and I was looking forward to going to university. I would have studied during the summer holidays if my parents hadn’t forced me on a two-month trip to Europe with unlimited funds. I suppose I should have been grateful for the opportunity. I know every other teenager would have been wild because of the trip and even wilder because of the unlimited cash. But I was annoyed. I had never been the popular kind of girl, in fact I was quite the “nerd” and the only friends I thought I needed were my books. The truth was I had never felt comfortable with people.  


I went to Europe thinking it would be easy to find a place to lock myself up and study during those two month, my parents never knowing anything about it. At least that was my intention. I hadn’t counted on Europe working against me. As soon as I landed I was captivated by all the different cultures living so close to each other and yet they managed to retain their individual identities. I left my books in my bag and began exploring the difference and similarities of the Europeans.  


The summer was ending when my travel took me the South of France. Satisfied with my research and the wonders I had seen, I decided to relax for the remainder of my holiday. I visited Monte-Carlo, St-Tropez, Nice and all the other famous southern towns. After the coast I spent time inland, discovering the beauty of the countryside, as well as finding relief from the heat in the dense, cool, forests. And then it happened…  


I had had a wonderful but tiring afternoon enjoying the forest when a thunderstorm broke out and rain poured out of the sky, soaking me in seconds. As I was already wet I decided to continue walking until I reached my car or found a safe shelter. As I was walking I came to an open spot just as lighting struck. I flung myself to the ground but it was too late. The bolt struck me, knocking my breath out of me as well as knocking me unconscious. My first thought when I regained consciousness was that I was dead, but then a little voice asked ironically how I could think if I was dead. Carefully I opened my eyes, confirming the fact I was still alive. I had just survived an electric jolt that could have supplied a household with enough electricity for an entire year. Slowly I got to my feet, staggering as I had problems finding my balance at first. I was just getting on my legs when I saw something in front of me.  


At first, it was so small I thought it was a flash spot still clinging on my retina. I blinked but the point of light remained, growing larger the longer I looked at it. While growing it had also began whirling, reminding me of a hypnotic disc. Not at ease with whatever it was, I slowly began walking backwards but I had the misfortune of stumbling over a rock. When I got up again the disc was now half my height and was still growing. I don't know what prompted me but my instincts suddenly warned me to run for it, so I did. As if reading my thoughts the disc suddenly sprouted an 'arm' that caught me around my waist and dragged me towards the disc. I panicked of course but my adrenaline-increased strength did nothing to help me escape the hold of the 'arm'. When I was only a meter away from the disc a surge of strength brought a momentary stop to the dragging but it finally became too much. I collapsed, exhausted and spent, breathing deeply while the ‘arm’ dragged me into the disc.  


Disorientation hit me and I think I blanked out for a short time. When I finally managed to look around me, I was at a lost to say where I was. One thing was sure if this was Earth it was no place I had ever seen or heard about. It was dark but that didn't stop me seeing around me. My first thought was that I was in a dark room or so, but then why wasn't I feeling contact with some point of my body? I tried to move and found I could but again I felt no resistance from a support. It suddenly hit me that I was not supported, that I was floating as if in free fall. I was so caught up in my discovery that I didn't feeling the pain at first, but as it increased from an itch to a burning sensation I did notice it. It came from my arm. At first I didn't see anything that could explain the pain but as it continued and increased I saw patterns appearing on my forearm. My reaction was to wipe them of my arm, but I could no longer move. The pain continued and the patterns increased in size. When I thought I was about to pass out it suddenly stopped and I no longer felt the pain. Looking down I saw the patterns had joined together to make a design that covered my entire arm from hand to shoulder, even my fingers and palm. I tried to examine it further but the disc appeared again. The arm surged out and grabbed me, but this time I did not know how to run or even where to. Another wave of disorientation hit me as the ‘arm’ dragged me into the disc and I passed out...  



Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7






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