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001. I'm never gonna leave your side - Autore: Mojca    (2 reviews)    » Completa

- G - Prosa - Songfic - 1 capitolo - Pubblicato: 19-06-05 - Ultimo aggiornamento: 19-06-05

Riassunto: Ryo still misses her...


002. Your star continues to shine - Autore: Mojca    (1 review)    » Completa

- G - Poesia - General - 1 capitolo - Pubblicato: 24-05-05 - Ultimo aggiornamento: 24-05-05

Riassunto: I was leafing through my old notebooks and found some poor attempts at poetry (I hated my teacher when she gave us that assignment). I translated it in English and here it is... At least that's what I think Ryo felt upon Kaori's death. Hope you like it. Kiss, Mojca



Total: 2 - Pagine : 1





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