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Rated G - Prosa


Autore: grifter

Status: Completa

Serie: City Hunter


Total: 1 capitolo

Pubblicato: 15-02-07

Ultimo aggiornamento: 15-02-07


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Riassunto: Ryo and Kaori play a game of scrabble and Ryo has an idea to spice up the game...


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Total: 5 - Pagine : 1



Città (Paese): Azgard (Azgard)


Review: hello grifter i've already read the french version but this one is also pretty i really enjoyed it mojca has done a good translation well there are some words i don't understand but fortunately the dico was here^^ so thanks both of you for this one shot kiss



Città (Paese): LA TERRE (France)


Review: Salut ma starlette... Bon j'ai lu en anglais mais faut avouer que j'ai oublié du voca... Mais bon c'est bien comme fic... MAis pour moi c'est mieux en français... Sinon celle-ci est génial ma Grifter !!! Biggggg bravo Bizzzz @+KIT



Città (Paese): Firminy (France)


Review: Hello my (comment on dit poule en anglais ?). I am sure that your french fic is very well translated. I have not understanded all but as Mojca has been your bêta, it must be okay. (my english is very bad too, sorry !). you are a superb autor (or author ???). Thanks to corrige ma review by mail. kiss



Città (Paese): Sf (Terre)


Review: wouaaaah , cri d'admiration, mais tu écris aussi en anglais et quel anglais. Je suis époustouflifiée ^_^. Coquine cette partie de scrabble, je le voyais rire sous cape devant la mine de Kaori. C'est mignon tout plein, encore encore ^_^



Città (Paese): Thiers (France)


Review: Hello Grifter ! I'm happy to see that you translate your fic in english but you don't forget that you are fics in standby my starlette... Big kiss and excuse me for my bad english.



Total: 5 - Pagine : 1





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