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Autore/i: sahar_f

Traduttore/i: sahar_f

Status: In corso

Serie: City Hunter

Original story:

" Enlève-moi, s'il te plaît ! "


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Pubblicato: 04-07-06

Ultimo aggiornamento: 04-07-06


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Riassunto: The love is sometimes unpredictable! (I do not want to say about it more, needs to read the fic; 0))


Disclaimer: The characters of "Kidnap of me, please !" are the exclusive property of Tsukasa Hojo. except the miserable and the friend of Sayuri.


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What does HFC mean?


It's the name of the web site. HFC = Hojo Fan City.



   Traduzione :: "Kidnap of me, please !"


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