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Autore/i: Lifetree

Traduttore/i: patou

Status: Completa

Serie: City Hunter

Original story:

Joyeux anniversaire Kaori


Total: 1 capitolo

Pubblicato: 08-05-07

Ultimo aggiornamento: 20-05-07


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Riassunto: This small history at the time of the birthday of Kaori and to be made forgive all méchancetées that one makes him undergo...


Disclaimer: The characters of this history are the exclusive property of Tsukasa Hojo.


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   Traduzione :: Happy Kaori birthday


Capitolo 1 :: 31 Mars, day of the seduction

Pubblicato: 20-05-07 - Ultimo aggiornamento: 20-05-07

Commenti: For Kaori. Happy birthday...


Capitolo: 1


Kaori smiled when it awoke, slowly. It could not resist a long time any more the call of this beautiful day. 31 Mars. The sun was shining merrily in the sky, the birds sang with keep silent head in the trees and a light hot breeze blew in the air. One day perfect which was announced... Gently it was stretched then rubbed the eyes. But its movement stopped Net. There, on its night table, just beside the photograph of his/her brother. It tightened the hand and delicately took what it had just seen. A pink... A white pink coldly cut, dew of the morning still present on the petals. Ryo... This so attentive gift of its partner disturbed it but fills it of joy. It had not forgotten its birthday, it had thought of it... The merry c?ur and of merry mood it rose and after its toilet it went down in the kitchen to prepare the breakfast. But it stopped Net with the step of the door. It did not believe its eyes of them. After the pink was now a breakfast which awaited it, a copious but balanced breakfast, as she liked them. With new it found a pink in a vase on the table: a red pink. Kaori did not know what it was to think. Initially a white pink, signs of a pure love, then a breakfast and maintaining a pink red, signs of an impassioned love. Disturbed, it left the kitchen and climbed in direction of the room of Ryo. It wanted to thank it for its attentions but when it opened the door it found the open stope. Ryo had already left. At this hour? Impossible. Kaori made quickly it tower of the room, anxious for its partner, but it did not find any sign indicating a hasty departure. Very disturbed, it sat down at table and lunched, only, except for the two pinks. At the time when it disencumbered the table it found under its plate a message folded into two. Ryo... It opened it and read. Its c?ur started to beat more quickly. "Happy birthday, beautiful Kaori. I hope that and the breakfast you liked the pinks. When you are ready finds me in Cat' S Eye, your gift awaits you there. Ryo. " The emotion became too large. Pinks, the breakfast, this nice word and still maintaining a gift... It cried about it of joy. But what arrived at Ryo very of a blow. Why was it also nice? Oh, it did not complain any but this change left it perplexed. Excited and impatient, it went up quickly in its room and y taken its jacket and its bag. Then of a fast step it moved towards the coffee. Happy and of good mood it could not contain its joy and started to whistle merrily. It was so happy that people could not prevent themselves from returning its smile to him when they crossed his glance. But once arrived at Cat' S Eye it was amazed to see that the coffee was closed. Why have given him go here if Miki and Falcon had closed the coffee? A hoax? Not, it could not believe it, not after the perfect beginning of this day. "Ouh ouh, Kaoriii... Await Me, Kaori " This one was turned over and seen Eriko arriving while running. "Ouf, I catch up with you in time" "A time? " "Yes, it is your birthday today not? Today it is me which levels! " "Thank you Eriko, but Ryo..." "Taratata, it will wait. You nevertheless will not go to its go to equip like that not? Of course that not. Initially one passes in the hairdresser, then the beauty parlour and one finishes in my store. Made T'en, as I said it today is me which levels " While Eriko spoke, it involved Kaori with it and the occasion did not give him to protest. In spite of the insistent ways of his/her friend, Kaori had fun the morning and was with the paradise after midday, when it discovered clothing that Eriko had put side for it. At the beginning it was made concern that Ryo him would like some not to have come but Eriko reassured it that it had warned Ryo. Reassured, it was let go and tested all the collection of Eriko. There was choice so much, so much of possibility that Kaori did not know what it was to test a first. Finally it trusted the instinct of her friend and let it choose. While Kaori was occupied, Eriko eclipsed a few moments and returned with a dress on the arm. In front of the glance curious about Kaori Eriko the dress showed him. Kaori was filled with wonder, the dress was splendid. Black embroidered on black, came until aus knees, moulding while leaving a great freedom and crossed in order to leave the shoulders discovered. Eriko had insisted much that Kaori tests it but when it saw her friend equipped with the dress, it knew immediately that it had been right to insist. Kaori was dazzling and beautiful to cut the breath. Kaori also had to admit that the dress suited him well. It was admired lengthily in a mirror and did not realize that Eriko had again eclipsed. "You are marvellous..." Surprise Kaori circled on itself and was disturbed by the vision which arised at it. Ryo, in black three-piece suit, a white shirt and a n?ud butterfly. God, whom it was tempting to see. Slowly it advanced in the part and it benefitted from it to admire this angel lengthily. God, who it was dazzling. Y-a not with saying, question Eriko clothing knew itself there. "You are marvellous, Kaori, and more I look at you and more you dazzled me..." "Ryo..." "But, it misses some thing" "Not, I do not think..." "And yet you miss some thing" "What thus, know-all mossior? " "It misses something to decorate your blow. Fortunately that I came to prepare... " "Hein? " But before it did not have time to react Ryo left an ECRIN behind its back and presented it, open, in Kaori. "This should make the deal, I think" "Oh, Ryo..." Kaori did not know any more what it was to say. In front of it, in the ECRIN, hid a splendid crew-neck sweater collar of gold with pendentive decorated of a diamond, as well as the matched earrings. Still amazed by this marvellous gift it did not move when Ryo took the collar and put to him. Kaori took the earrings and clung them. "I do not know any more how to describe you..." These were the only words that it murmured when it was turned over towards him. Shaking itself a little, it presented its arm at Kaori which taken it, reddening slightly vis-a-vis with the compliments of Ryo and its manners of gentleman. Together they entered the shop of the store. Silence was made when they were seen. Vis-a-vis in amazed and admiring comparison with the customers and Kaori customers felt to redden violently. Never it would have believed that one day everyone would look it like that. In spite of the embarrassment that that made him, it was happy bus Ryo was beside it. More than all the remainder it was the only thing which counted for it. It was going to ask Ryo where they went when it saw a limousine parked in front of the entry. By seeing them the driver opened the door to them and Ryo made it go up. When they were comfortably installed the car started. "Where your Ryo goes? What did you still envisage to surprise me and make me think that this is a dream? " "It is a surprise" Silence "Thank you Ryo, I have past marvellous day" "And it is not finished yet..." During the way towards their unknown destination, Kaori surrounded the arm of Ryo as of his and posed its head on its shoulder. Its smile could not leave its lips any more. It was with the seventh sky. Finally half an hour later the car stopped and the driver opened the door to them. Curieuse Kaori looked at where it had been deposited. It took a step behind when it realized that it was in front of the entry of ` the Fleur de Lotus', the smartest restaurant of all the city. When it looked at Ryo, it smiled to him and the arm tended to him. Together they entered and took seat with a table put somewhat at the variation ensuring the peace and the intimacy of its occupants. For Kaori the evening evolved/moved like a dream, a soft dream where all occurred as it was wished. A sumptuous meal, aromatized with the subtle spices which surprised the metal disc. Each mouthful was a discovery of the directions. After the dessert Ryo invited its partner to dance and it felt its c?ur to pack with the contact brought closer their bodies during the slow fox trots. The rare occasions where it had been also near to him had revealed that it had a muscular body, in spite of its lack of exercise, but until these moments it would never have believed that it had a body worthy of Appolon. It would have so much liked to discover this body but it did not dare, it was too timid. However it felt the effect which the hands of Ryo had on it, everywhere where the hands of its partner touched it its skin extreme and extremely sensitive to its was touched. Unconsciously it cola with Ryo which was magic though a little surprised. It tightened its arms a little more and posed its head on that of its partner. Slowly and lengthily they were left rocked by the rates/rhythms the slow fox trots and were lost in the presence of their partner... Finally they returned on their premises in the small hours of the morning. Kaori had never been smelled better, happier than during this day which had just finished. It had one evening unforgettable with Ryo and was deeply grateful to him. When they entered the Kaori apartment moved towards the davit and its jacket deposited there. It felt the glance of Ryo which had not left it since they had left the limousine. Everywhere it followed it eyes not leaving it urgent. Disturbed, it did not know what it was to do. Was it to answer? Did she want to answer? "Kaori..." Trembling slightly it was turned over and found courage to look at it. Its only sight was sufficient so that its c?ur starts to beat more quickly. "I hope that and your gift you liked this day. Kaori, I... I would have liked to give you so much more... I would like to give you... this night more... " Kaori did not believe its ears of them. Ryo had just offered to him, although indirectly, its love. It wanted it close to him. It wanted to make of it more than its coéquipière. In front of this consent it came to lose its means. A dream, it was really a dream... Slowly Ryo tightened its hand in its direction as a sign of invitation. Also slowly Kaori put its hand trembling in his... Ryo gently attracted it towards him making slip its hand and then its arm around the size of that which he liked. Oh as he liked it, as he would like to endorse it but he knew that Kaori did not have any experience. It will be necessary that it is controlled, and firmly, not to frighten it. Not this evening, he wanted to make him of evil this night, neither tomorrow, nor the following day, never again... He voluntarily looked at it, admired it, lost his eyes. From a tender gesture, almost a caress, it withdrew a wick which hung to him on the cheek. Kaori leaned the head, thus posing its cheek in the hand of Ryo and closed the eyes. It wanted to enjoy this moment, this marvellous moment of tenderness. Tenderly Ryo cherished its cheek of its inch, awaking such a torrent of feelings and to be well in Kaori that it opened the lips of pleasure of them. The hand of Ryo slipped along its cheek to raise its chin and it felt the lips of Ryo to be posed tenderly on his. This kiss which had started also tenderly quickly became very impassioned. The feeling of the lips of Ryo on his had awaked a volcano of feelings and desires in Kaori. It burned of desire. Of their own agreement his arms embraced the body of Ryo, attracting it with it, crushing it against it. It wanted to smell it still more close and its hands found their way under his shirt. When it felt the skin of Ryo under its hands the volcano in it made eruption... On its side Ryo was surprised reactions of its partner. It would never have believed that she would be also daring, also undertaking. It had much evil to be retained to take it on the spot there. Patience, it was to have patience, one did not have to be sharp with Kaori... Then it felt the hands of Kaori on its skin and almost the control of its will lost some. Poisoned by the feelings of its partner it also made slip its hands to him on the body of Kaori, along its hips, of its thighs for finally going up under its dress. The moaning of pleasure of Kaori were the last necessary to make collapse its will. It could not about it any more. Of a movement it took it in its arms and, without breaking the contact of their lips, it took it along in its room... The next morning Kaori awoke very late in the morning. It was happy. It had spent one night marvellous, it was the Smiling woman of Ryo., it was stretched somewhat but was surprised not to meet the body of Ryo. Etonnée, it looked beside it but screw that Ryo was not there indeed more. On its pillow it saw a word which invited it to join it on the roof when it was ready. Merry it rose and took a shower. It was going to leave clothing when it ravisa. It did not want to be erased any more behind the perfect and innocent woman. She wanted to change. She wanted to allure. More precisely, she wanted to allure Ryo. smelling blow very daring she left a drawer a shirt which Ryoko had offered to him and which until today she would never have dared to put on, she was well too transparent. This would have disturbed it yesterday, but not today. Vêtue of this shirt maker who revealed more than it did not hide and of a short white skirt, Kaori went up on the roof. With the door it stopped and benefitted from these a few moment to admire its partner. Its muscular back, its body of athlete, his arms tender and comforting... A malicious smile with the lips it concentrated and made of sound to better hide its presence. Slowly, with step of wolf, it approached its partner with the intention to surprise it but he was too strong. Just at the time when it was going to deposit its hand on its shoulder, its hand clutched his and it was found in its arms, its lips captured by his. It did not resist the attack but retorted on the contrary with its own requests. They remained long stuck moments one against the other but had finally to separate due to risk to asphyxiation. Ryo profited from it for again admiring it. But when it saw the kind of shirt maker that Kaori had put, it felt his ` compagnon' to react in a quarter of turn. Kaori launched a triumphing glance to him and approached, taking again it with what they were occupied a few moments before. Its desire becoming too large it took the woman of sound c?ur in her arms and brought back it in its room... When Kaori awoke the afternoon was already well started. This time Ci it could feel the presence of Ryo beside it and it was tightened against him. To its greater pleasure it passed its arm around its shoulders and tightened it against him. "Kaori..." Ryo had brought closer its mouth and murmured with its ear. "Kaori... you... made ego the happiest man on this Earth. I would like... I... Do you want to become my wife? " Slowly it raised also the head and looked at right Ryo in the eyes. Its smile and its eyes answered for it. It advanced a little and embraced it lengthily and passionately. It felt its hands to cherish its body leaving behind them the desire. Slowly its hands went up along its arms and they sought to them his. It felt a ring slipped along its finger... 


Capitolo: 1






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