1. Acceptance of terms


    By signing up and by using the fonctionnalities of the site, you agree to be bound by the Registration Agreement Terms. We may modify or add to this regulation as we see fit.


1.1. Rights and duties of the members

  •  By becoming and staying a member of this website, you get access to all the functionnalities and you agree to abide by the rules. If you think you will be enable to follow the new set of rules, you can unsubscribe by sending me an email.
  •  As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent the webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.
  •  If you don't want your date of birth to be displayed, please do not give it. By doing so, you agree for it to be displayed on the website.
  •  The address email of the members is displayed, in case of a problem with their messages or fanwork.
  •  The subscription to the website will remain free. It is a website where Tsukasa Hj's fans can gather and exchange.


1.2. Copyrights

  •  The fanwork posted on this website belong to their associated authors. It is forbidden to take them without explicite authorization, whether it is to post them elsewhere, modify them, write a sequel or translate them. It is important to understand that the authors spend a lot of time creating, writing, and they are not paid for it. The only reward they get is recognition.
  •  It is also forbidden to post anything you didn't personnally make, content that you do not have the legal right to under the law.
  •  All fanarts must be drawn by hand, so no scans or copies.


1.3. Content and rating of the fanfictions | Selection of fanarts and goodies

  •  You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. The authors are responsable for their posted content. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). If the moderators become are of any violation of the rules of the website, they are entitled to intervene (suspension, notification, deletion)
  •  HFC is not responsible for the misrating of adult oriented content but will remove content if the misrating is brought to the attention of HFC staff.
  •  Because of a limited space on HFC account, a selection of the fanarts and goodies accepted on HFC has to be made. We will no longer accept unfinished fanarts or wallpapers that would be merely juxtapositions of images. All submissions to the site will require a validation from a moderator.
  •  No sexual or violent content is allowed in fanarts.


1.4. Rules of conduct

  •  While the webmistress will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts express the views and opinions of the author and not the webmistress (except for posts by her) and hence will not be held liable.
  •  You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that the webmistress has the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should she see fit.
  •  Members are requested to behave politely towards each other. No need to attack anyone to solve a conflict.



2. Introduction (by NJ)


2.1. Notice

    I created HFC to provide Tsukasa Hj's fans with a convivial and convenient place to post their fanwork themselves and without any delay. I would like to thank all the authors and visitors for their support. But, I realized it was time to establish some well-defined ground rules.

    Im an avid supporter of free speech, but lets face it: HFC is not a public site. Its privately owned and privately run, and should there ever be any legal hassles associated with the content of the site, in all likelihood it isnt the writer of the offending story who will pay the price. It's the webmistress. So, it's normal that I'm the person to make rules for my website.

    Thanks for your understanding.


2.2. Reasons behind the site regulations

    In the beginning, the members of HFC corrected themselves any problem with fanwork contents or behaviour. It is not the case anymore. Thus, it has become necessary to clearly define rules and boundaries.

    You can wonder why I didn't do it earlier. And it's true, I made a newbie's mistake. HFC started small and at that time, it was easy to manage any conflict or content. With the increasing number of members, fanfictions weren't proofread and contained more and more smut. That's not the idea I had of HFC when I started. I built my websites with a focus on originality and quality. This is what I want to find in the fanfictions I host. You will certainly agree that these are not unreasonable expectations.


2.3. Moderators

    Because of the increase of the number of members and fanfictions, it has become necessary for me to choose moderators to help me in my work. I chose them according to their seniority, their own fanwork, their regular attendance, and their moderate temper. They will treat you with courtesy, so please do the same. The interventions are not to taken as personal attacks. They apply the rules and follow clear guidelines, and the regulation goes for everybody. The authors will always be notified and offered an opportunity to modify their work to stay on HFC.



3. Respect of City Hunter's spirit


    On the following topics, the moderators can intervene and it is highly recommanded to listen to their pieces of advice.
    - They will suspend the fanfiction if the digressions are exagerated without justification
    - The authors will be notified by email and will have to explain, or modify if no tangible reason is given (i.e. parallel universe, fantasy world, ...)


3.1. Characters' personality

    It is obvious that a fanfiction is a fictional story where the author can unleash his/her imagination. But, in the word "fanfiction", there is also the wrod "fan", fan of a specific universe and specific characters. A fanfiction has to take that into account, or in case of digression, it has to justify the change. Otherwise, what is left of CH, other than the names? (dixit Sophie).


3.2. A manga for teenagers

    None of Tsukasa Hj's manga targets adult. There are meant for teenagers. It's true that there are sexual allusions, but there are all made in an humoristic way. Moreover, those allusions are not at the center of the story. So, do not take them to justify any sexual content.


3.3. Names and roles

    Each character has a name and a particuliar role: Ry Saeba (sweeper), Kaori Makimura (Ry's assistant), Saeko Nogami (police officer), Umibzu (sweeper), Miki, Sayuri Tachiki (Kaori's sister), ... Choose a set of names (Italian, French, Japanese) and stick to it. Do not mix. Please write them correctly. If you want to change their roles, please justify it (i.e. parallel universe, fantasy, ...). We will be strict on this point, out of respect for Tsukasa Hj's work.


3.4. Using specific words

    Some expressions and words are specific to CH. For instance, Mokkori is used with humour, not eroticism. please try to repect that.



4. Spelling and grammar mistakes and the function of beta-readers


  •  A fanfiction is a written text, so it is normal to have it written correctly. No need to rush, it's better to check the text before hand.
  •  In case of a fanfiction with too many mistakes or too short chapters, the moderators will intervene.
    - They will suspend the fanfiction.
    - They will notify the person in charge of correcting the text, the auhtor or the beta-reader, and they will ask that person to rectify the error.
    - If the author doesn't have a beta-reader, he can be asked to choose one.
    - The person in charge of the correction will have to notify the moderator of any change. After verification, the moderator will put the fanfiction online again.
  •  If you became a beta-reader, you made the commitment to correct the texts you are in charge of. Please take your role seriously.



5. Legal responsibilities


    Since it is forbidden to put any adult content online that children might come access, we have decided to refuse what we call "lemon" fanfictions with strong adult content that can be assimilated to pornography. We will also set boundaries to the sexual and violent content of NC-17 fanfictions. NC-17 fanfictions will be placed in a restricted area, that only auhtorized members of the website will have complete access to. Those who would want access authorization, will have to be a registered member of HFC, send me an email using the link in their account to certify me that they are over 18 years old (For more information on the required data of a request, look at the F.A.Q.). Once they get validation from me, they will be able to access the NC-17 section, after logging in.



6. Prohibited content in fanfictions hosted by HFC


    1. The plot: The story is written solely to bring the characters to have sex. It generally has no plot aside from two people (who may or may not be a canonical couple) banging each other in graphic detail.

    2. The sexe scenes are described in a crude, mechanical, graphical way, setting aside feelings and sensitivity.

    3. Topics like rape, torture, SM or other sexual deviances, are introduced without reasonable justification and don't bring anything special to the story. (*)

    4. Respect of the characters: The characterization tends to be either completely absent (you could plug in any two characters and it would still work) or runs counter to the actual personalities of the two or more characters involved.

    If the moderators think one of these criteria apply, the fanfiction will be rated as Lemon (X or pornography). The author will be notified and asked to modify the content, if not the fanfiction will be removed from the website.

    (*) Let's detail this point:
    - Technical descriptions of oral sex (short or long) are prohibited, and restrictions will be applied on the vocabulary used for physical expression of desire.
    - The themes on sexual deviances such as paedophilia, incest, bestiality, scatophilia, SM, bondage, sodomy, etc. are forbidden.
    - Homosexuality for CH characters is out of question, since it would be disrespectful of their personalities. The theme isn't forbidden per se, but no yaoi scene will be tolerated.
    - No graphical description of physical and degrading abuse and torture is allowed. Exception will be made for short and evocative scenes, with a real goal that is necessary for the story (get information, vengeance, ...).
    - For the themes of rape and mental torture, graphical descriptions are prohibited, but since they can be developed with a certain subtlety, the moderators will examine such fanfictions on a case by case basis.

    In brief, please avoid any content that would make an open-minded adult feel uncomfortable, or even disgusted and shocked.



7. Conclusion


    I hope this regulation has been clear enough, if don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Please keep in mind, the moderators are not tyrants, they apply the rules following precise guidelines, but they are also here to help you improve the quality of your work. Freedom comes with a price: simple rules to prevent abuse. Thanks for your understanding.






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