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Update della settimana del 12/11/2012 :



I added 2 moderators Jermenes & Macema. So, welcome to them! I also reactivated by email account, so for any message involving HFC, please use this address. Thanks.  




Update della settimana del 30/10/2012 :




After more than a month of suspension by Free, the website is back. Please contact me asap, if you see anything that could justify a new suspension.


You can find the Free.s rules here.





Update della settimana del 21/5/2006 :

Hi all!! Sorry about the long absence. I've been really busy and I kind of lost the motivation to work on my websites. But, I've gattered the courage to process all the NC-17 validation requests. I hope I didn't forget any.  


Update della settimana del 23/1/2006 :

As you can see, the website has changed. I have almost recoded everything, so if you notice something odd (missing data, texts or images), please tell me. Thanks.  


Update della settimana del 18/1/2006 :



Update della settimana del 19/7/2005 :

IMPORTANT!! I don't have internet at home and it might take a couple of weeks before it's installed. Please be patient. You don't have to harass me with emails, because I can't process you requests right now. Thanks for understanding.  


Update della settimana del 5/5/2005 :



Update della settimana del 25/4/2005 :

Mikomi has crated a forum for authors and betareaders who want to discuss their work. Forum Auteurs & Betas  


Update della settimana del 25/2/2005 :

Rosi-chan has finished the translation in italien of the sections 'To sign up', 'To log in' and 'Account management'. The rest of the site will be translated progressively. In the meanwhile, the pages will be available in English. If you notice a mistake or an omission, please contact me. Thanks for your patience and thanks a lot to Rosi-chan for her huge work.  


Update della settimana del 17/2/2005 :

WARNING!! Tonight, I desactivated all the members' accounts, except the moderators' and the accounts of those who have access to the NC-17 section. I sent everyone else an email with their activation link. Failure to activate your account within two weeks will result in the deletion of your account. If you haven't receive the activation email, please contact me with the email you put in your profile and give me your username, ID, password. Thanks for your cooperation.  


Update della settimana del 10/12/2003 :

Thanks to a brilliant idea from Melusine, some members of HFC will probably meet at Japan-Expo 2004. At the same time, we will try to make HFC T-shirts. To learn more about this, please contact me or go to the Japan-Expo 2004 forum.  


Update della settimana del 22/11/2003 :

All members of HFC are invited to introduce themselves on the forum. It's time for us to share more than our passion for Hojo. (^_~)  


Update della settimana del 22/11/2003 :

If you can read French and write in English, you can help by choosing a fic of HFC and translate it in English, in order to enable others to enjoy the stories of our writers. Thanks a lot.  


Update della settimana del 1/7/2003 :

Here's the new affiliated web site built on the same concept as HFC. It's dedicated to all the fans who want to share their passion. Each member can manage his own account and post fanfictions/fanarts which will be displayed automatically. New series can be added too by the members as needed. Thanks for your work. Enjoy!!  


Update della settimana del 1/7/2003 :

As you might know, I'm going to NY on the 28th of August to meet Tsukasa Hojo. Miko had the idea of giving him some fanarts. So if you want to do so, please send me a good quality scan of your fanart, with a nice message. Don't forget to indicate your city and country.  






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