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Update della settimana del 22/1/2006 :

+ New design for the website  


Update della settimana del 28/2/2005 :

+ Members' avatars Galery  


Update della settimana del 25/2/2005 :

+ The first part of the translation of the website in Italian by Rosi-chan is online. The rest will follow soon.  


Update della settimana del 20/2/2005 :

+ You can now upload yourself your avatar (<20 Ko, 80x80, format .jpg et .gif), fanart (<200 Ko, format .jpg), fanmanga (<200 Ko, format .jpg), traduction de fanmanga (<200 Ko, format .jpg).  


Update della settimana del 15/2/2005 :

+ After several weeks of debate with the moderators, a lot of decisions have been made concerning the management of the site. I have put online the new rules online and the new system of classification. If you notice a bug, please contact me. The protocols the moderators are following during their interventions are at last clearly explained. Please understand that all the fanfictions will be examined, will receive the same treatment and the auhtors will be given the opportunity to correct any mistake. Thanks for your patience.  

+ The members who want access to the NC-17 section have to make their request by email using the link that was put for this purpose in the management account. The requests that are not sent with this link will not be processed. Thanks.  


Update della settimana del 12/9/2004 :

+ Possibility to add/delete beta-readers to fanfictions  


Update della settimana del 26/8/2004 :

+ New section with fans' prsentations that you can read on the forum.  

+ Updated stories of the day are displayed on the 1st page of the website.  


Update della settimana del 19/6/2004 :

+ Listing and administration panel for meetings organized by members  


Update della settimana del 14/5/2004 :

+ All quizzes are displayed, regardless of the number of questions. You can now add up to 20 questions to an existing quizz without influencing the average notation of the quizz.  


Update della settimana del 1/1/2004 :

+ It is now possible to post translations of fanfictions that are not on HFC.  

+ The section News has been entirley changed. You can consult the last updates of the content and fonctionnalities of the web site and the statistics of the activity of the community.  


Update della settimana del 17/12/2003 :

+ Possibility to have your fanfictions proof-read by a Beta Reader  

+ Possibility to become a Beta Reader  


Update della settimana del 13/9/2003 :

+ New section devoted to round-robin stories (for more information, see the FAQ)  


Update della settimana del 12/9/2003 :

+ It is easier to add or delete a co-writer.  

+ Each co-writer can now modify the fics they contributed to, but the possibility to add or delete a co-writer remains the prerogative of the member who posted the fic first.  


Update della settimana del 29/7/2003 :

+ New layout for the site  


Update della settimana del 3/7/2003 :

+ New layout of fanfictions  


Update della settimana del 7/6/2003 :

+ New Tag board to make communication between visitors easier  

+ Writers can see their statistics for each fic.  


Update della settimana del 2/6/2003 :

+ It is now possible to upload fanarts automatically.  


Update della settimana del 12/5/2003 :

+ We can translate fanmanga.  

+ The updates of the site (less than 10 days old) are indicated.  


Update della settimana del 5/5/2003 :

+ Reorganisation of the site.  

+ New section dedicated to translations of the fanfics that have been posted on the site. If you want to translate a fic, you'll have to ask the author for his/her permission first. For that, he/she has to connect and change the translation status of the fic. Then, you have to connect yourself to register for the translation of the fic (ie. to reserve it.)  


Update della settimana del 9/3/2003 :

+ You can propose a challenge for future fanfictions.  

+ You can accept the challenge by signing in.  

+ You can now vote and reviews fanarts.  

+ All members are invited to complete there profil which will be displayed in their detailled profil.  


Update della settimana del 28/2/2003 :

+ You can choose from 50 predefined avatars in the account management section.  


Update della settimana del 23/2/2003 :

+ You can put titles up to 60 characters.  


Update della settimana del 11/2/2003 :

+ New section devoted to fanmanga  


Update della settimana del 28/1/2003 :

+ Listing of the writers and artists  


Update della settimana del 23/1/2003 :

+ It is now possible to put a summary for each fanfiction.  

+ Standardized disclaimer.  

+ New functionality: you can send me your avatar.  

+ It is now possible for readers to post their opinion about a fanfiction.  


Update della settimana del 12/1/2003 :

+ Grand opening of Hojo Fan City  






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