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Pubblicato: 15-02-07

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Riassunto: Ryo and Kaori play a game of scrabble and Ryo has an idea to spice up the game...


Disclaimer: Les personnages de "The Penalty" sont la propriété exclusive de Tsukasa Hojo.


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   Fanfiction :: The Penalty


Capitolo 1 :: Nice trick !

Pubblicato: 15-02-07 - Ultimo aggiornamento: 15-02-07

Commenti: Thanks to Mojca who helped a lot with her work, here is the result, hope you like it :) Big kiss Mojca and looking forward to work with you again in the future. Enjoy :)


Capitolo: 1


Kaori dipped her hand into the bag of vinegar crisps in front of her, waiting for Ryo to play.  


He was the one who came up with this idea of a game of scrabble and after all, it was a good way of killing time until dinner on this warm July evening.  


The heat outside was barely bearable and succeeded in finding its way up to the living room, so they compensated by sitting on the floor, where the air was slightly cooler.  


Three full minutes have passed since he fished out his letters and still he kept fiddling with them over and over without succeeding to come up with a decent word.  


Kaori took pity on his sulky expression and decided to help her partner.  


“So? Did you think of something? “ She asked, raising her eyes from her own letters to give him, sitting cross-legged across from her, a surreptitious glance.  


“Well… give me a second. Damn it all straight to hell! This is not my day; I‘ll change my letters again, “the sweeper whined, sick and tired of his bad luck so far.  


“My turn then”.  


“What? What do you mean by “your turn”? I don’t think so, my dear! Just because I decide to change my letters, doesn’t mean it’s already your turn. Where on earth did you learn to play? “Ryo asked, offended.  


“Hang on, you cheat…I happen to know the rules better than you. Besides, they’re also written on the back of the box. But maybe you just miss my hammer”, she added threateningly.  


Ryo’s face turned instantly white with fear as he replied with a stupid giggle: “Come on, Kaori… I was just trying to sidetrack my opponent, that’s all. Ever heard of tactics?”  


“You would say anything to elude your punishment, wouldn’t you? Come on…why don’t you just admit you’re stuck and could use my help?”  


“Ok, fine” he replied with a heartbreaking sigh. “I admit it, I keep getting only crappy letters and I would like you to help me, happy?”  


Kaori could not repress the faint smirk appearing on her face. Usually, there was no way he would admit his defeat to her. The smirk turned into a broad smile and she complied eagerly. “Very well, now let me see what you have”.  


She came closer on all fours and stopped only a few centimeters from him. Far too focused on rearranging his letters to form a word and so keep the game going, Kaori did not realize the change in Ryo’s attitude.  


She was way too close to him for his sanity. He could feel the vanilla fragrance of her perfume delicately tickling his nostrils. She was bent forward, sprawled over the board, giving Ryo a perfect view of her charming rear fitting perfectly in her too-tight jeans, which suited her to perfection. All of a sudden, Ryo’s hands turned sweaty and itchy and he had to swallow hard in order to regain his self-control, but to no avail. She was way too close and he had only to stretch out his hand to brush against the milky - and oh so inviting - skin at the nape of her neck! He braced himself against his desire to fondle her, to let his lips trail down her body with hundreds of kisses, to draw her generous curves with the tip of his tongue, to satisfy his need of her that he succeeded in suppressing for so many years and that, right now, was killing him. God! He was going to go nuts if she kept that pose!  


“You can make several words, like this one, see? You could triple your points this way”  


“And what about that one”, he asked trying his best to conceal his husky voice behind a stupid giggle, while arranging the word on the board. It didn’t come out of the blue, he was subconsciously betraying his physical state and the torture she was submitting him to, without even knowing it.  


Kaori almost fell flat on her belly! A firefly shot between them.  


“Are you kidding me Ryo?” she asked gob smacked. “You don’t really want to put that, do you?”  


“Er... well, yes and there, it will even triple my points. Looks like Lady Luck is on my side in the end”, he added with a broad smile that went on her nerves.  


“Hang on, the party’s not over yet”, she replied while resuming her initial position in front of him.  


“What’s wrong? Is helping me not wanting me to take the lead of the game? Come on Kaori, you must admit that I made a brilliant recovery. Don’t tell me that you are afraid of losing”.  


She teasingly stuck her tongue out to him. “Nonsense! You just got lucky, but now it’s my turn”.  


He could tell she was pissed by his macho behavior and decided to play fair. »Look, I can see that you are annoyed by my spectacular comeback so what would you say if we spice up this game a little. Are You in?”  


She gave him a puzzled look, wondering what he had in mind. “Spice the game up?”  


“Yes, the loser will have to pay a penalty, what do you think?”  


“A penalty?” Kaori was totally lost now. “What kind of penalty?” She asked, suddenly wary.  


The sinister look on his face right now promised nothing good. What he was up to, she wondered. “Let me warn you that if you are plotting something stupid, I swear…”  


“No, no, don’t worry, we just write down on a piece of paper the penalty we would like the other to pay. That’s it, no tricks.”  


“All right, but there’s no way out of it, ok? The last time you had this brilliant idea, you vanished as soon as I turned my back, leaving me to do the dishes, so…”  


“Who said I will be the one losing the game? » the sweeper asked with a sultry look and a mischievous smile.  




They both started writing their penalties for the other with Ryo doing his best to peep over her shoulder, trying to discover what she was scribbling but Kaori, feeling his gaze on her, hid her piece of paper.  


“Hey! We said no cheating!”  


“Pff, like I care. I don’t intend to lose!  


“Believe me, neither do I!”  


The crimson color that flushed into her face at that instant was not lost on the sweeper who wondered what fate she had in store for him.  


Kaori was jubilant. He wanted to play? So be it! If it would give her the opportunity to give substance to her fantasies she had been repressing for too long, then it was perfect!  


Ryo scribbled hastily the penalty he had on his mind and that he dreamt for Kaori to pay.  


Soon, with a hand from Lady Luck, Ryo took the lead and what was due to occur occurred: he won the game.  


Kaori let out a big sigh in despair, but being a fair player she asked what her penalty was to a Ryo, who was virtually hopping in the air, with delight of his success.  


“So, what is it? I wonder what put that big smile on your face.”  


Ryo never answered but her but the warmth and tenderness in his devouring eyes made her feel uneasy and going to the gallows. She took the little scrap of paper from his hand with dread. She unfolded it with shaking hands and discovered her task to accomplish.  


The young woman was stunned to read what Ryo wanted from her, but she somehow succeeded in regaining some self-control and raised her head. Bad idea, really bad idea! Her eyes collided with Ryo’s inscrutable gaze and her heart melted. God, she loved him when he looked at her that way! But that little smirk reminded her of how much he enjoyed this moment of supremacy over her/of how much he enjoyed seeing her so defenseless in front of him.  


The sweeper was all defiance: “So, are you going to chicken out, or what?”  


“You have to be kidding, right? You don’t really expect me to do what you have written, do you?”  


“Of course I do, this is your penalty so pay up”.  


If she could, she would have killed him on the spot for daring to play with her feelings, but she quickly got a grip on herself and played her joker. »But Ryo, aren’t you the one who keeps saying I am nothing but a tomboy? And I …”  


“Nice try my dear”, he cut her short, “but I am not buying this. Now if you really want to go back on your word…”  


“Fine fine, I‘ll do it!”  


“That’s a good girl”.  


If looks could kill he would already be six feet under. Kaori hated when he went all macho on her. “Come on Kaori, it’s no big deal, you can do it, it’s just a kiss, a kiss and nothing more!” she kept repeating to herself like a mantra, while slowly covering the distance between them and finally giving him a light kiss, keeping her eyes shut, before withdrawing suddenly. The contact lasted just a few seconds and she did her best to show nothing of the turmoil that was twisting her guts, but just the brush of her lips against his left her all shaky.  


Her partner who had enjoyed this intimate, yet brief contact felt more than frustrated than she did not deepen the kiss as he wanted her to. Thus he decided to turn the situation to his advantage: “Is this the best you can do Kaori?”  


She frowned instantly at his words and swallowed twice, hoping to calm down her heartbeat and wished her voice wouldn’t sound too hoarse before replying : “Ryo, you wrote “one kiss”, I gave you one kiss”.  


He did not seem happy with her answer as she noticed his eyes darken and they seemed to bore into her soul. This ravenous look sent her an electrical charge spreading through her body, leaving her wanting to feel his hands on her body and… God he was so hot !  


“What a disappointment, if this was your best shot”, he added. “Let me show you what I meant”.  


And he pulled her close, pressing her to his chest and crushing her lips to his, asking her with the tip of his tongue on the corner of her mouth to open her lips so that he could deepen their kiss.  


She complied eagerly and their tongues started playing together in an incendiary kiss. The kiss went on and on until they broke apart, leaving Kaori breathless and Ryo in a second state.  


That was so good, they were made for one another, and they both knew it now. There was no way he would let them slip back to their normal life, he had her and would do whatever it would take to make it work.  


Kaori was still trembling of desire in his arms, her pleading eyes demanding for more and God he wanted her, too!  


He took her lips again while she suddenly became bolder and swept her hands under his T-shirt to fondle his abdominals. Happy to see her gaining more confidence, he encouraged her to do so by pulling her even closer to him, teasing her earlobe with his tongue, then making his way down her body trailing wet kisses along her throat and down to her chest.  


Smiling, Kaori let out a little shriek of surprise showing her approval of what he did to her and pressed herself more to him, fitting her curves perfectly to his hard frame.  


Eyes shut; Ryo moaned at the sweet friction and swung her into his arms, taking her to his bedroom.  


Kaori clung to him and rested her face in the crook of his warm neck.  


At the threshold of his room, he halted and breathed out: “Kaori, you sure about this, my love?”  


“Yes, I have never been so sure, Ryo” she replied with a sexy smile searching for his lips again.  


Downstairs, on the living room table, Kaori’s paper remained unfolded. If Ryo had lost he would have been very surprised to read his penalty as she, too, has written: “a kiss”.  





Capitolo: 1






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