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001. What is NC-17 fanfiction?

002. Why can't I read NC-17 fanfictions?

003. I would like to read the NC-17 fanfictions.

004. I sent an email, but I still can't get in the NC-17 section.

005. Why isn't there HTML file of the NC-17 fanfictions?

006. Why do I have to use the link in my account to send you my request?

007. The link to ask for access to the NC-17 section doesn't work for me.

008. The link to ask for access to the NC-17 section sends an email with the wrong email address.

009. I activated my account, but I still don't have access to the NC-17 section.

010. I've signed in, but I cannot get access to the management section.

011. I'm almost 18. Can I get access to the NC-17 section?





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