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001. What is NC-17 fanfiction?

002. Why can't I read NC-17 fanfictions?

003. I would like to read the NC-17 fanfictions.

004. I sent an email, but I still can't get in the NC-17 section.

005. Why isn't there HTML file of the NC-17 fanfictions?

006. Why do I have to use the link in my account to send you my request?

007. The link to ask for access to the NC-17 section doesn't work for me.

008. The link to ask for access to the NC-17 section sends an email with the wrong email address.

009. I activated my account, but I still don't have access to the NC-17 section.

010. I've signed in, but I cannot get access to the management section.

011. I'm almost 18. Can I get access to the NC-17 section?


I would like to read the NC-17 fanfictions.


You have:  

- to sign in  

- to log in  

- to use the link put for this purpose and send me an email certifying you are 18 years old or older, that you have read and accepted the rules of the website. Don't forget to mention your pseudo.  

- to use the email address you gave in your profile.  


If your request doesn't fufill all these conditions, it won't be processed.  


If I learn later that you lied to me, you will be banned from the website without notice.  





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